High Volume - Issue 1

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High Volume - Issue 1


Born on the road and crafted from crooked barstools and dim venue corners, we’ve built this magazine for all who appreciate the immense value of experience. It is an avenue for the wanderers and an outlet for those who’ve accepted that we’re all dirt-bound and ain’t nothing coming with us.


Our title was chosen as a tongue-in-cheek stab at the moral hypocrisy of modern society and the regressive idea that an unconventional lifestyle is somehow second-rate, “sinful” or self-indulgent. Thus, we carry on in our Ritual and offer a toast to those who join us. In our inaugural issue, ‘High Volume’, we've focused our content around a cornerstone of this publication - rock and roll - and supplemented it with small sampling of what can be expected in future issues.


Be an individual. Be a decent human being. With that in mind, do whatever the hell you like.

 Welcome to our Ritual.

'High Volume" features:
- 56 pages, 8.5 x 5.5 inches
- Full color, full bleed
- 100# matte cover
- Contents printed on 60# matte uncoated paper

In this issue:

Bedemon: The First American Doom Band
- An interview with original Bedemon member and Pentagram co-founder Geof O'Keefe on the group's first performance, their tragic and storied four-decade "rise" as doom icons and other unearthed Bedemon tales

Psycho California
- Photo gallery and commentary from one of North America's most exciting rock and roll festivals

Drugs in the Woods
- Part one of an ongoing collection of film photography from a variety of contributors

In the Tomb of Taraban: Life and Death on Tour
- Polish heavy blues outfit, Taraban, tell of a morbid twist on their first-ever tour

On the Road... Revisited
- Preview of an upcoming photo book from photographer Kealan Shilling

Morning Beers w/ NYC's Blackout
- Pre-noon Modelos and a pool-side chat with Brooklyn's wildcards

and more...


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