Issue II Shipping Update

Update regarding Issue II: We received the unfortunate news yesterday that as the new zine was headed to print, the press at the shop we use broke and will not be fixed for some time. Accordingly, we are scrambling to find a new print house that can deliver the product we need in a timely manner. Though we intend to have the issue printed and in the mail ASAP, it's very unlikely we will be able to ship on May 12th. We don't anticipate too much of a delay and will update our shipping date as soon as it in confirmed. If anyone has pre-ordered and a delay of a week or so is a deal breaker for any reason, please drop us a message at and we will refund your purchase. We ARE still accepting pre-orders here.

For the patient ones who've pre-ordered and weather this one with us, you're package will include a little extra something. Thanks, y'all!