Austin Terror Fest 2019 - Day 1

Ayo, made it to Austin. All signs indicate that ATF 2019 will be just as bonkers as predicted. Empire Control Room & Garage was packed last night, the smaller room difficult to enter without some shameless maneuvering. I caught more aggressive elbows trying to weasel up front for Primitive Man than any show in recent memory. I arrived too late for the earlier sets at Barracuda (all reports have Goatwhore destroying) but Integrity (who paid tribute to the late Austin icon Roky Erickson with a “Night of the Vampire” cover) , Full of Hell, Pig Destroyer, Unearthly Trance, Terminator 2 and Church of Misery all had huge, enthusiastic crowds at Empire. I am not feeling particularly pensive this morning, but you can follow along in visual form on the Ritual of Sin Instagram.