alexis marshall

Daughters turn loose at the Gothic. March 5, 2019

I shot these photos a few days before embarking on a tour, and just got around to sorting through them. I’d seen so many insane shots of Alexis Marshall and Nick Sadler from previous tour stops, some of the wind was already absent from my sails. But here is a first stab at some shots of Alexis.

The show was remarkable, both on a popular level, in that the Gothic Theater was packed with fans anxious to hear both tracks from Daughters new album “You Won’t Get What You Want” in addition to some older cuts; and on a personal level, in that it’d been ages since I’d wrestled with swarms of teenagers for position in front of the stage. I forgot how savage the youth can be. I respect the intensity; they really didn’t give a fuck if I was trying to shoot. I received the hard box out bolstered by a wall of Juul smoke. That’s not to say the band didn’t bring in a varied crowd. Presumably the more seasoned attendees occupied a space nearer the bar, and freer of hassle.

This was my first time seeing Daughters live. Admittedly, I was a bit lazy when it came to shooting, and just couldn’t be fucked jockeying for position this night. I simply wanted to watch the show. I assume the set wasn’t as chaotic as it might have been in a smaller, more intimate space, but they delivered one hell of a performance, as it looks like they’ve done throughout these recent North American and European tours.

I also spoke with Alexis for Westword around this time as well. You can read part of that discussion here.