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Austin Terror Fest // Friday gallery

The second edition of Austin Terror Fest went off this weekend, with metal fans from Austin and far beyond turning out in droves in the face of a swampish heat. Changing tack a bit from last year, this year's three-day fest was split between the Lost Well (Friday and Sunday) and the Barracuda (Saturday), a change of pace that brought a variety to the event many seemed please to see. In addition, the moving of the festival off of SXSW week, as it was last year, and into June helped the festival establish a presence much more its own. These factors and an incredible lineup helped ensure both venues remained packed throughout the fest. It was one hell of a weekend to say the least, and a great step forward for Austin Terror Fest.

The bands all rose to the occasion, with a number of groups delivering sets that may have been the best I've ever seen from them. At least the most striking, given the intimate nature of the venues. Yob's Friday night finale was certainly one of those performances. 

Though we left Denver at an ungodly hour Friday morning, the U.S. west is still fucking huge and by the time we reached the Lost Well Of Feather and Bone was hammering out the final 30 seconds of their set. Thus, the smaller gallery for this opening set of photographs. We will roll out shots from Saturday and Sunday over the next two days. - mg

*Apologies in advance to any bands who do not appear in the galleries. It's certainly nothing personal - these are simply a few selects from what we were able to shoot. Thank you to Dusty, Dorian and the whole Austin Terror Fest crew, everyone at Worshipper, the Lost Well and the Barracuda. Well fuckin' played.

photos: Michael Goodwin // @boilingdenim