Nekrofilth's Feral Album Release Show at Tooey's

Denver gutter thrashers Nekrofilth brought the chaos to Tooey’s this past Saturday night. The popular bar just off Colfax has become the hot spot for dive shows of late, but this one might have been the wildest I’ve been to. The mic stands were knocked to the ground so often, it’s quite possible that guitarist/vocalist Zack Rose screamed more lyrics into the crowd than into the mic. That didn’t matter in the least, to the band or to the fans, who whipped up a pit in front of, and onto, the stage throughout most of the set. At one point, a body was propelled straight into Zack, knocking him to the ground in front of his guitar cabinet.

The band ripped through their killer new release, Worm Ritual , in full, before slicing into some older material and a “Love Me Like A Reptile” cover. Through it all the trio remained loose and unfazed by the chaos pummeling the front of the stage (and their pedal boards), serving up a staunch reminder for any graveworms who’d forgotten why they reign supreme as the sleaziest, give-no-fucks shredders in town.

Local rock and rollers Love Gang served up the support, Tooey’s staff crushed it as they always do, and I tried my damnedest to navigate the maelstrom for the gallery below. - mg